Dark Moon Temple

What part of your life is a part of someone else’s projection, expectations, or design?

As we move into the Threshold once again under the Dark Moon, my lens turns inward and I begin to evaluate what is active in my life because I truly, authentically want it; and what is here solely of someone else’ projection or demand. I encourage you to take a moment, and really allow yourself to reflect upon that question. Are there parts of your life where you do things, hold roles, jobs, or duties that are not really true to your authentic Self? Not really true to your own Soul?

Having a practice of reflection around our own Truth is incredibly helpful in creating a life we want and take great nurturance from, versus living a life according to someone else’s desires and wishes, that drains all the joy and meaning from us.

Now, sometimes, these parts of our lives are driven by necessity, and you know what? That’s valid. Can you give yourself permission to hold down a job or perform in a role, because right now it makes sense and is necessary? Sometimes, it is really, really important that we become aware of our need to give ourselves permission – to do what we need to do, at this time. If we don’t give ourselves this permission, we will become the toxic, resentful energy within our lives. These parts may not be authentic, they may not be a part of the life you want to create – and yet, if held with conscious intention, they may be paving stones toward it. Sometimes the path toward the life we want has rough and hard edges. Those parts are often very important for the path down the way. As long as you can see how there’s a way out, and/or how this part of the road is building toward the life you want… it’s okay. Go ahead and let yourself know it’s okay.

Are there parts of your life that are actually toxic? Parts of your life that are taking SO MUCH away from your joy, your peace, your innate creative energy, that you just cannot do it anymore without feeling that helpless, drained, and burned out space?
Take a moment. Really reflect here. Identify any energy that resembles this…

It is absolutely vital that we let go of these. This isn’t just every day irritants – this is Soul crushing. This is parts of a life that have been used up and are no longer feeding you, they are actually poisoning you. We are coming into the Harvest time of the year and it is time to cut and harvest that which we’ve sown… and sometimes there are parts of the crop that have gone bad, that have been infected, that need to be cut away, so that the healthy pieces may be brought Home.

This Dark Moon is a ripe time for cutting away the deadwood in our lives. For creating space in which we can create, manifest, and draw in that which nourishes our Souls.
What nourishes your Soul?

Take some time this Moon Temple and decide what you can keep, what you need to let go of, and what you will draw in to fill the new space; these are the three sacred steps of creation.

Blessings upon your journeys this eve,

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