Dark Moon Temple

Can you smell the Autumn in the air where you are? Can you feel the Change and the Slipping towards the Dream? Can you feel the Crone as She awakens?

As we move into the transition from summer to fall, the natural urge is to prepare. Our Ancestral DNA knows that the cold winter months are coming, and that there is much to do in the Harvest season. Some of us are gathering in the crops and the gardens. Some of us are harvesting the medicines and preparing the preserves. And some of us are beginning the fall clean of our spaces, purging and ridding ourselves of what no longer serves, so that we can navigate the winter in comfort and health.

All of this is exactly natural for the liminal space of Autumn… the time between where you can feel the Veil stretch and become thin.


Have you considered that this time is also one of planting? Some are familiar with the planting of fall bulbs that will come up in the Spring like a beautiful gift. And what if I told you there are seeds that require the long cold winter months, to be able to germinate?
How amazing.

On this Dark Moon night, I ask you to reflect upon what may need your planting in this season; I ask you to contemplate that which will need many, many months of Dreamtime to come to fruition. What can you set into motion, into manifestation, that actually may require the Dreaming? The quiet and the dormant, and even, the Death?

This space, this time of Betwixt and Between is the perfect time to drop a seed into the Ether. Plant carefully; plant with intention; ask your Guides and Helpers for guidance. And make sure to blow love, compassion, and gratitude upon this seed, before letting it down into the Soil of the Universe. May your prayers be heard, and may your seed be well received by the Mother.

Blessings to you upon the Road tonight.

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