Personal Art Services

Intention Art

Have you ever wanted a painting intuitively created just for you?

There is POWER in art as it is an ACT of CREATION. And with this, there is an innate empowering & healing capacity.

Having a personalized Intention Painting created for you is an act of Self-Love. We work together to find the themes, goals, prayers, and manifestations that are unique and powerful for you, which I then take into creating the painting. Utilizing my own Intuitive Knowing, and by consulting my Guides & Oracles, the Spirit of the Artwork will come forth in a unique and powerful Co-Creation that is meant only for you.

Your painting begins with words of power – spell-work comes from ‘spelling’, and the words we bring forth will be infused with energy and paint upon the canvas. They will remain under the layers of paint – like a secret spell / prayer that is known only to you – and remain there as an energetic blessing, manifesting your hopes, dreams, and prayers.

Ideas for Intention Art ~ These paintings can be created as an image for your personal Altar. They can be hung above your bed as a powerful statement and reminder of this place of Sanctuary. They can be created to hang in your home or work place, so to be Seen and Connected to on a continual basis, assisting in the manifestation of your intentions. Additionally, these paintings can be created for a unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one.

*** they also make a special and meaningful couples’ gift for weddings, handfastings, commitment ceremonies, and special occasions.

Contact me today to inquire around availability and/or get your name on the waiting list!
** If you have a special occasion in mind, try to book as far in advance as possible

The Details:

Fees: $1.25/ square inch
For example, a 10″ by 10″ canvas = 100 square inches; 100 x $1.25 = $125.00 + gst & delivery/shipping

Drum Painting

Our Drums are Sacred. These Spirits deserve our best intentional focus and care, and along with that ~ our Listening. Does your Drum speak to you about its Spirit? Its purpose or energy it offers you? When folks come to me to paint their Drum, it is because they have Heard it speak, and want to mark the Drum’s purpose upon the skin. I hold this as one of the highest callings to my Work, and these commissions are completed within Sacred Space and Ceremony.

Contact me today to inquire around availability and/or get your name on the waiting list for my next commission appointment.

The Details:

Fees: $45/hour, with a Minimum Fee of $200
I will work with each client and their Drum to find the right image/symbol/metaphor, and will then provide an estimate for the cost of the commission; we will agree to the estimate and a non-refundable deposit is placed before we begin.

Belly Painting

~ Coming back Post COVID!

Embodied Brushstroke Reiki

~ Coming back Post-COVID!

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