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Intention Art

Have you ever wanted a painting intuitively created just for you?

There is POWER in art as it is an ACT of CREATION. And with this, there is an innate empowering & healing capacity.

Having a personalized Intention Painting created for you is an act of Self-Love. We work together to find the themes, goals, prayers, and manifestations that are unique and powerful for you, which I then take into creating the painting. Utilizing my own Intuitive Knowing, and by consulting my Guides & Oracles, the Spirit of the Artwork will come forth in a unique and powerful Co-Creation that is meant only for you.

Your painting begins with words of power – spell-work comes from ‘spelling’, and the words we bring forth will be infused with energy and paint upon the canvas. They will remain under the layers of paint – like a secret spell / prayer that is known only to you – and remain there as an energetic blessing, manifesting your hopes, dreams, and prayers.

Ideas for Intention Art ~ These paintings can be created as an image for your personal Altar. They can be hung above your bed as a powerful statement and reminder of this place of Sanctuary. They can be created to hang in your home or work place, so to be Seen and Connected to on a continual basis, assisting in the manifestation of your intentions. Additionally, these paintings can be created for a unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one.

*** they also make a special and meaningful couples’ gift for weddings, handfastings, commitment ceremonies, and special occasions.

Contact me today to inquire around availability and/or get your name on the waiting list!
** If you have a special occasion in mind, try to book as far in advance as possible

The Details:

Fees: $1.25/ square inch
For example, a 10″ by 10″ canvas = 100 square inches; 100 x $1.25 = $125.00 + gst & delivery/shipping

Belly Painting

~ Coming back Post COVID!

Embodied Brushstroke Reiki

~ Coming back Post-COVID!

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