Dark Moon Temple

The time of the Dark Moon arrives once again, and as the Light fades away and the world becomes quiet, I can begin to feel the seasonal shifts. The nights are hot, the scent of abundance is ripe, and the Earth is calling – Harvest is arriving.

There are many, many similarities among different cultures when it comes to the Seasonal Wheel and how when we as human animals become close to the natural world, we connect and observe in related manners. This time of year brings up the themes of Gratitude and Sacrifice; Life and Death. As the Harvest brings the Scythe and Death, we can only find the health of Balance with offering deep Gratitude to those Spirits which sacrifice for our and our loved one’s wellness. Every plant, every animal, every fruit, nut, and berry… the need for Divine Reciprocity of the relationship is vital.

Have you ever thought about your relationship to your food? To each plant that spent an incredible amount of energy to get to where it was ripe, against extreme odds of withering and death, so that you could cut it in its prime and eat it? To each animal that was nurtured and grown so that its life could also be offered up for your own? These are hard questions to reflect upon for some, especially if we have become removed from the source of our food. For those who are deeply connected to farming and gardening, this has become a part of their daily life. Nature demands we pay attention and come to radically accept this fact – we can only live if other living things die. Our Ancestors knew this well and have so many rituals and ceremonies that honour the Sacrifice. When we lose that, we take it for granted, and the great Balance is lost.

So, under this Dark Moon, I encourage you to reflect upon these themes and questions. I also suggest expanding the motifs of Gratitude, Sacrifice/Harvest, and Balance to other parts of your life; where in your life are you Sacrificing? Are you receiving Harvest, and if so, offering Gratitude for the Sacrifice of it? How is the Balance of Receiving and Giving in your life? What relationships need adjustments to align with the Divine Reciprocity that is required for wellness and Balance?

For those who enjoy guided shamanic/spirit journeys and meditations, I have uploaded a recording in the Insight Timer app, which is free to access (click the link below). May the Journey and the Drum carry you through this liminal time of Quiet and Darkness, so that you may Receive the messages meant for you.

Blessings upon the Road this night,


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