Shadow Work

Nikki Featherstone specializes in a method of guiding people through the Shapeshifting process; a process of psychological transformation she encountered and helped develop in her professional training. She became to know the process intimately by undergoing it herself 3 times throughout her journey.

Shapeshifting combines methods, techniques and theory from art therapy theory, depth psychology, an ancient Buddhist practice called Chod, and shamanic & feminist spiritual traditions. It involves a series of sessions where Nikki guides you through the practice, and includes art making, guided/unguided meditations/journeys, self reflections, and journaling.

Shapeshifting is offered in Individual Sessions for those who want more one-on-one focus and individual support by a Psychotherapist. It is also offered in a 3 Part Retreat series (when scheduled), as well as in a 9 Week program series called Changing Woman ~ Shapeshifting Shadow.

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