Shapeshifting Art Therapy

Nikki Featherstone specializes in a method of guiding people through the Shapeshifting process; a process of psychological transformation she encountered and helped develop in her professional training. She became to know the process intimately by undergoing it herself 3 times throughout her journey.

Shapeshifting Art Therapy combines methods, techniques and theory from Art Therapy theory, Jungian psychology, an ancient Buddhist practice called Chod, and Shamanic Traditions. It involves a series of sessions where Nikki guides you through the practice, and includes art making, guided/unguided meditations/journeys, and self reflections and journaling. No experience in any part of the process is required; you will be fully supported throughout the work.

Shapeshifting is offered in Individual Sessions for those who want more one-on-one focus and individual support by the Art Therapist. It is also offered in a 3 Part Retreat series when scheduled.

Individual Sessions: 3 Part Series, 5.5 hours, $575+gst

~ One-on-one sessions between the participant and the Art Therapist. The Shapeshifting process is facilitated over 3 sessions, typically within these time frames: 1.5 hr, 2 hr, & 2 hrs. The individual sessions allows the participant to have the entire space and time for their work, which gives them the opportunity to sink deeper into their healing and reflections and have the sole focus of the Art Therapist. Art materials are provided and included.

The session begins with a short Opening, and then moves into artmaking or other parts of the Shapeshifting process by the participant. The end portion of the session is spent processing the art with the Art Therapist. Processing is an exploration into the material that may have come up during the artmaking, as well as any associations, metaphors, and/or unconscious material that may exist in the artwork. The Art Therapist does not interpret a participant’s art; she asks questions and acts as a Guide, accompanying the participant in exploring her/his own meanings and associations. The participant leads the session; artmaking, sharing, talking at all, etc. are all at the choice and pace of the participant.

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