You are Welcomed into this Time and this Space. Wander among the Trees, sit by the Water, breathe in the fresh and quiet Air; warm yourself by our Ancestral Fire.

Haven is a place within the Realms of the Worlds – Together we can venture into the lands of Spirit and our Ancestors, dig deep into the mind and Soul, refresh our Selves through healings and journey…

Nourish Your Spirit with Haven

See below for your choice of two styles of Retreats for Women!
* One Day Art & Healing Mini-Retreats
* Annual Summer Healing Retreat Weekend

COVID-19 UPDATE: Retreats will be scheduled to be held either virtually, or when safe to do so, in-person & outside during the warmer months. Nikki will continue to be responsive to the current situation as it unfolds and shifts. Ensure your email is on the Haven Community list for notifications around retreats being scheduled in 2022!

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Art & Healing Min-Retreats for Women

Sink into the Sacred within a Spiritual Art Therapy Retreat Intensive ~ Art, Writing, and Ceremony

An all-day immersion into the warmth of sitting in Circle with Women… We Circle, we Create Art, we Journey, we Drum, we Connect, we Heal. We will always be Held in Haven’s Safe and Sacred space.

Usually offered twice a year, Winter & Fall

Sign up for updates around the next Art & Healing Mini-Retreat! Spots are limited to create and maintain an intimate Haven for participants.

These retreats are a beautiful and thoughtful gift ~ Nikki is more than willing to create a special and unique gift certificate for you to give to a loved one ❤️

I was just at a retreat that Nikki had put on and it was a wonderful weekend. I highly recommend anyone wanting to do something like that to check her out. ~ S.L.

I attended a woman’s retreat this past weekend and it was amazing! Lots of healing and letting go! Nikki is amazing! Just Do It if you get the opportunity. ~ Y.U.

Beautiful caring ❤ Nikki is amazing at all she does! ~ K. U.

Your Art & Healing Mini-Retreat Immersion Includes:

– a specific focus around issues and healing that women face in today’s world (and often have been facing for generations)
– ceremonies to cleanse the space and the energy we each bring in
– art making as a way of communication, and as a pathway of healing
– Shamanic spirit journeys/meditations, which are partly guided and partly held by Nikki’s drum, to bring participants into their inner world/psyche/spiritual plane
– free writing and journalling
– Circles of women, where we understand and can share our common experience as women who walk the world
– professional facilitation and support by a Professional Art Psychotherapist with spiritual integration (meaning I hold a holistic space, and all spiritual traditions are deemed valid and true to each person)
– all art and creating supplies, with a generous amount to choose from (in-person retreats)
– tea and coffee service, and usually a light snack. Participants are encouraged to bring their lunches, as there is a fridge, microwave and toaster available (in-person retreats)

Who: Any female-identified human called to explore their Wounded Self and is ready and willing to walk their Healing Journey. All spiritual and healing traditions welcome and supported.

Retreat into Nature

Annual Women’s Healing Weekend Retreat – Transformed

Our Summer Retreat, facilitated by Nikki Featherstone and the most amazing Kriket Shaman, ran sold out for 7 straight years ~ 7 Cycles of healing, circling, and coming to know who we are within the Tribe of Women and the Sacred Circle of Divine Feminine Love. With Kriket’s sudden passing in early 2021, this Cycle of 7 years has ended and a new Cycle begins in 2022.

The annual Women’s Healing Retreat will continue, with a new way; a new location, a new focus, and a new Vision. Nikki is opening to this very Vision through the Dreamtime of the Winter months, and news of the 2022 retreat will be announced in the early Spring of 2022- So check back for details or add your name to the Emailing List!

RETREAT 2022!!! It’s HERE!
At the Crossroads ~ Women’s Healing Retreat

I have attended two women’s retreats with Nikki Featherstone. She is a truly incredible woman. I feel blessed to have her in my life and assisting me along my journey. The women’s retreats were life-changing experiences that provided a safe environment for growth and connectedness. I have my first art therapy appointment next month. I trust Nikki wholeheartedly and with her I know that I’m safe to release and grow. ~N. S.

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