Changing Woman ~ Shapeshifting Shadow

9 Week Shadow Work Intensive

Immersion into WomanCraft

Calling all Soulful Women

Do you yearn for a space where you can be held? Attended to? Where you can Receive?
I understand. I, too, have felt this intensely. And I have been called to create more space to bring us together, so that we may hold and be held; so that we may enter again into the Mysteries held by Women since the Beginning; so that we may drink the nectar that is Women’s Healing, and Renew & Rebirth our Souls.


Shapeshifting Shadow

Changing Woman ~ Shapeshifting Shadow is a 9 week deep dive into attending to our own Soul. It is an immersion into Circling with other women, creating the Sacred Container in which we can rest and finally begin to hear our own Voice. It is a meeting of what is there in the Shadows, and coming into Sacred Relationship with our Story; our Lived Experiences; our Pain & Grief; and our Power of Transformation.

This is a Spiraling in, and a Spiraling out. This program is for women who are not new to their Path of Healing; it is for those who have travelled it and put in work to get to a place where the Decent is now necessary. For those who know the ‘demons’ that accompany them, twisting and taking apart their Creations even with their best efforts to Hold; it is for women who know their story, but feel stuck and do not know where to go from here.

Check back for the next scheduled dates in 2022!!

Last Program Run
October 7 – December 9th, 2021 // $440 USD // 10am-1pm MDT/MST

Payment Plans & Sliding Scale Spot Available

~ There are limited spots in each program series. This is intentional, so to keep the Circle intimate and allow the work to be personal and deep.
~ The program is grounded in, and combines methods, techniques and theory from spiritual art therapy, depth psychology, an ancient Buddhist practice called Chod, as well as shamanic and feminist spiritual traditions.
~ The program is facilitated from a trauma informed, anti-oppressive, spiritually integrative space; therefore, ALL self-identifying women are warmly welcomed.

What will the program include?

  • 9 Weekly Virtual Circles with other Soulful Women
  • Guided meditations into your Inner World
  • Journal prompts
  • Intuitive Spiritual Artmaking
  • Space for your Voice and your Healing
  • Deep bonds with other women
  • Recorded Spirit Journey to keep and return to
  • 27 hours of Professional Guidance and Circle Facilitation
  • Sacred Space to move into the depth of Shadow Work

~ Weekly 3 hour Sacred Circles where we will build the safety required to move into this work together. These Circles will include bringing ourselves into the virtual space, education and discussion, art making, journalling, vulnerable & courageous sharing, and a meaningful closing each week.
~ The program is closed once we begin, and therefore the women we come together with each week will become intimate and trusted Sisters as we travel this Decent together.
~ professional guidance and facilitation by Nikki Featherstone, – practicing Witch for over 25 years, Registered Art Therapist/Psychotherapist, Spiritual Traveler, Goddess Worshiper, and Creatrix of this Shapeshifting Shadow program – She will walk alongside each woman as Guide and Companion, holding the Circle as Guardian and Conduit.

~ The program is designed to facilitate the spiraling within and decent into the Underworld – opening to the Shadow pieces that are ready to come forth, be faced, and held; to come to know why they travel within our psyches; and then to spiral out and move them through to Transformation into Allies & Soul Integration.

~ It is suggested you will need approximately 2-5 additional hours a week dedicated to fulfilling and integrating the work outside of Circles
~ You will receive reflective and specific journal prompts to open and expand your process into the Shadow pieces that come forth, and the work needed to move them through to transformation
~ You will receive a recorded Spirit Journey to assist you in Soul Integration of the Ally for the final phase of the work. The recorded Journey will guide you partially by voice, assisting you to come into the state of consciousness required, where you will then be held by the Drum for the final portion that is individual to each beautiful Soul.

What will I need to enroll in the program?

~ A deep commitment to attending all the live Circles. If something emerges that prevents you from doing so, you will commit to catching up on the work you miss, so to keep pace with the Circle. Each woman in the Circle is accountable to her Self, as well as the Circle. We each are responsible for the energy we bring into the Sacred Space, while also knowing we are welcome to rest within the Circle and be held by the women there.

~ A level of Self understanding coming from your years of self-inquiry, self education, emotional intelligence building, spiritual seeking, and other pathways on a healing journey. A general understanding of the Shadow and/or Soul work is beneficial, but an openness to this specific program’s way of holding these pieces is required.

~ Experience with Spirit or Shamanic Journey is highly encouraged; having lived experience with your spiritual realm will allow you to move into this work faster and more deeply. Some women may have experienced this as deep guided/unguided visualizations and/or meditations. Your traditions and processes are honoured here.

~ Art materials of your choice. A list of suggestions will be given out to each woman before we begin, however, the art is a pathway to relationship with the Shadow and is to be held as Co-Created & Sacred. Therefore, the Spirit of the Art will have influence on what materials and mediums it wishes to express itself through, and this will always be honoured.

~ An openness to creating intuitive art and experience using art to express yourself. You do not need to have specific technique knowledge, nor formal art training to move into intuitive artmaking. A comfort with using art as an expressive medium will be beneficial to your process.

~ A dedicated Shadow Work Journal. This can be a blank one you already have on hand, or you could create a journal for this program – (as simple as a binder with paper, or as complex as creating an altered book or a full journal with art paper and book binding techniques); you can also choose to order a Shadow Work Journal from NKM Featherstone Art, where proceeds support the HeART it Forward Scholarship program.

~ You must have your own supports in place. This may include a therapist, social worker, spiritual leader, Elder, and/or other human support services that can assist you in debriefing and stabilizing if the work we do together becomes evocative outside of Circles. It can also just be very beneficial to have 1-1 support sessions with a trusted therapist/support, to assist you in the integration of the work.

  • Firm Commitment to attendance & the work of the program
  • A good level of Self understanding from travelling a personal healing journey
  • Openness to what experiencing this program will offer
  • Experience with your spiritual/internal realm
  • Comfort using art to express yourself
  • Art materials & Shadow Work Journal
  • Supports in place

When does this program run?

Last Program Run:
This program begins October 7th, 2021 with the first Circle, and ends December 9th with the last Circle. There is no Circle the week of November 11th, as this is national day of Remembrance in Canada. This week will instead be used for a pause so to give space to the depth of our work.

Circles are Thursdays from 10am – 1pm MDT/MST.
** This means that for those places in the world that use Daylight Savings Time, we will be moving accordingly for our Circles after November 7th, 2021

~ To check your time zone for each date, click here:

  • October 7, 14, 21, 28, & November 4th Circles – set in Daylight Savings Time
    10am-1pm MDT // 12pm-3pm EDT // 1pm-4pm ADT // 6pm-9pm CEST
  • November 18, 25, December 2, & 9th Circles – set after Daylight Savings Time ends
    10am-1pm MST // 12pm-3pm EST // 1pm-4pm AST // 6pm-9pm CET

How much does this program cost?

Your investment for this 9 week Shadow Work program is $440 USD, paid by etransfer for Canadian residents, or through PayPal for credit cards & international participants.

Payment plans are available with a non-refundable deposit – inquire for details.


As in all my work, I am committed to breaking down barriers and making healing/wellness accessible to all people. Therefore, 1 spot in the program are set aside for a sliding scale participant, which is made possible through the HeART it Forward Scholarship fund. This spot is offered and filled as participants ask for the assistance, and therefore once filled, additional participants in need will have to wait until the program is offered again, or they can access the Payment Plan. A short questionnaire is required for application to the sliding scale, and folks within current and historically oppressed populations are recognized and supported in applying for the sliding scale spots.

For women who are not facing deep financial and systemic barriers, please consider donating a small amount to the HeART it Forward Scholarship fund. $5, $10, $25 – any amount helps continue and expand making healing accessible to those who are facing challenges.

You can add your donation to the payment for your enrollment and leave me a note, or you can donate specifically here:

HeART it Forward Scholarship Fund Donation


HeART it Forward Scholarship Donation


HeART it Forward Scholarship Donation


Changing Woman ~ Shapeshifting Shadow Journal – NKM Featherstone Art

Sign me up! How do I enroll?

Contact Nikki Featherstone for the Changing Woman – Shapeshifting Shadow Application form.

On this application you will be required to demonstrate you have or will fulfill the requirements for the enrollment specified above. Once these requirements are met, Nikki will contact you for further dialogue and details on being accepted into the program.

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