Spiritual Guidance

*all prices are subject to GST

Individual Spiritual Guidance

• $120.00/ individual coaching session

Private, 50 minute sessions, allowing deep explorations into one’s Spiritual Path; Nikki supports clients to lean into the history of faith in their story, to come to understand how their World View is shaped, and to author their own traditions and beliefs that align with their authentic Soul Work.

Sessions are available online through video and telephone.

In-Person sessions may return post-pandemic. Check back for updates.


I’ve spent time in circle with Nikki of Haven. The space she creates/holds to dig deep into yourself and to also connect with spirituality is unmatched. Any and all events/retreats held are 200% recommended. ~ C. D.

Ritual & Ceremony

60 Minutes to multiple hours
Rate: Varies

Custom rituals and ceremonies created specifically for you, your intentions and your Spirit. Can be combined with Reiki and Individual Psychotherapy for holistic healing.

Including, but not limited to:
*Personal Grief & Loss Rituals
*Community Grief & Honouring Ceremonies
*Soul Purpose Explorations
*Letting Go & Manifesting Rituals
*Divorce/Separation Ceremonies
*Earth Honouring & Commitment Ceremonies
*Handfastings and other commitment/wedding ceremonies.

Contact Nikki to book your free consultation


Nikki has such a wonderful presence. Authentic, puissant, and open, you will be blessed with any interaction you have with her. ~K. H.


Rate • $65.00/session
(typically 30- 45 mins)

Supported by a professional Therapist, feel the universal healing energy flow through you to assist you on your Unique Healing Path. Nikki will often incorporate the use of her Ritual Tools, such as the Rattle and the Drum, in sessions.

Can be combined with Individual Therapy sessions for deeper work.

Shadow Work ~Shapeshifting

• $120.00/ Individual Sessions / Group Rates Available / Changing Woman Program

Private, 50 minute sessions for Individuals / Can also be booked for a group over a weekend retreat / or sign up for the next 9 Week Changing Woman Program

Nikki specializes in a method of guiding people through the Shapeshifting process; a process of psychological and spiritual transformation she encountered and helped develop in her professional training. She became to know the process intimately by undergoing it herself three times throughout her journey.

Shapeshifting combines methods, techniques and theory from spiritual art therapy theory, depth psychology, an ancient Buddhist practice called Chod, and shamanic & feminist spiritual traditions. It involves a series of sessions where Nikki guides you through the practice, and includes art making, guided/unguided meditations & journeys, self reflections, and journaling.

For more information, see Shadow Work

Individual sessions are available online through video and telephone.


An incredibly talented therapist. I would recommend her skill set to anyone. ~ C. W.

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