Dark Moon Temple

This Dark Moon threshold arrives while the whole world feels dark – it is a fitting time. There is so much going on that feels out of our control, and yet, impacts us at some of the deepest levels.

Times like these can feel crushing, they weigh so heavy. Unhealed traumas can flare to life, and new traumas are added to our Souls as we watch so much hurt and hate erupt on a global scale. The flames of rage also blaze during these times, fiery rage that comes when we witness or suffer injustice. This fire is transformative; it is the heat that we need to stand firm and work towards a world that is safe for all people to exist within. We must learn how to walk with the element of Fire, as it is truly a powerful Ally.


We must also look to this Dark Moon in Cancer as a place for Radical Love. This means adding the Ally of Water into our work and allowing the depths of our love to reach our own Souls; to fill our own cups; and ensure we are feeling our own feelings. This work takes so much energy, and Fire consumes everything it touches; consumes and transmutes. We must temper this with the wisdom of Water, refilling our vessels and taking time for the depths of Radical Self-Care, Radical Compassion, and Radical Nurturance, as we walk the road of this fight.

We must always be careful to be in the flow between – moving from Fire & Rage to Water and Renewal, and back again. This is how we keep the work going, and do not become consumed by the Fire, nor sunk by the Water. How is your flow this Dark Moon? Do you feel you are spending more time in one element than the other? Perhaps you can bring a bit more of the other into your practice tonight and see what it needs from you; what is has to offer you. Take these questions into your reflections, and I encourage you to add in the actual elements as you do, (i.e. a candle, a bowl of moon water, etc.), remembering we are all a part of this elemental world together.

Blessings upon the Road this night,


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