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The Dark of the Moon encourages us to contemplate the space between – the space of connection. Our dominate culture wants us to be separate, to see everything in a lens of us vs them, or black vs white, or good vs evil; that the truth is one sided and only one lens can be the right one. Our dominate culture perpetuates the idea of certainty.

The Dark of the Moon liminal space shows us how there is connection and magic and mystery.
We are all connected. The space between two polar items is still a space – and it CONNECTS them. You and I are separate, and yet, we are connected. We are the same, yet unique and different. This is the paradox of the AND. The magical and powerful lens of seeing how two polar opposites are both valid, real, and true at the same time. (Truth is separate from facts).

We are surrounded by mystery. We, ourselves, are mysterious. Our Spiritual Self knows this, yet so much of the time is spent outside of this part of our existence. Embodying our mystery, and meeting the world with wonder at all of its miracles is a practice that can bring incredible health to our every cell.

Take some time this night and reflect upon your own beliefs that arise in the us vs them, the black vs white, good vs evil boxes ~ what are you certain about? Take that belief, and see if you can stretch it. See if you can put yourself on the other side of the liminal space, and see what it is that another may see in a different place looking at the same issue /belief /item/ event/etc. This does not mean you agree with it. It only asks that you give yourself a moment to see from another window, another lens, another body, another spirit with another lived story. It allows the narrative to become fuller, more nuanced, and typically, more accurate.

I encourage you to invite these two sides of a belief into your space tonight; these two lenses, these two parts of an infinite wheel of lenses. What lies between the two? What does the CONNECTION between the two look like? How are they the same? How are they unique? Can you see how your truth and another can both exist and be valid to each position, even if there is room to grow and improve? Again, it does not mean we agree with hate, extremism, or anything of that realm – what it does allow for is a better understanding of what drives the divide wider, and causes these extreme places to exist. What connections have you lost perhaps because you were unable to see this magical AND before? Invite those connections into your space and place some healing upon them. Weave your web; weave the tapestry of your life in connections.

One of my favourite ways of exploring the AND is through using the symbol of the Mandorla. The word simply means “almond” in Italian, but it is an ancient symbol of the yoni/vulva (pre-Christianity), where all creation arises; the place of the magical Third Path when we bring the best of two things together; where we find our common ground and remember our Sacred Connections. I have added an example below – draw out the symbol on a piece of paper, and explore both sides of your beliefs/ideas/events/items from above, and then the center where they overlap – the AND, the liminal space of CONNECTION between them.

Blessings upon your journeys this Dark Moon.


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