Fire in the Belly

Dark Moon Temple

Can you feel the energy rising? Are you aware of the huge shifts occurring in the Cosmic Web of our existence? There is so much going on for this Dark Moon, it is actually rather incredible. First, it is the second New Moon in a calendar month, making it a Black Moon – which is a type of supercharged Dark Moon space. This is a beautiful time for setting new intentions, leaning into our Wise Self reflections, and tapping into our Creation energy. Added to this there is also a New Moon Solar Eclipse which is full of fast-paced, finalized, fated events. This is combined with Pluto going into retrograde until October, and the planet named for the God of the Underworld packs a powerful punch – think life transformations, facing your fears, cutting away the deadwood, confronting that which you avoid, claiming your power, and awakening your Spiritual Wise Self.

I told you it was incredible.

And yet, I haven’t even gotten to the part that is biggest for me. All of this is landing upon the Celtic festival of Bealtaine. Officially dated for May 1st, the Celts believed that all things begin in Darkness, and so, celebrated their festivals at nightfall the eve before. So on this Dark Moon of April 30th, you are also stepping into the liminal space of Bealtaine eve… where the ending of winter and the beginning of Summer occurs. This festival centers around welcoming back the heat, the sun, the fertility, the LIFE after Death. There are deep sexual and passionate themes to Bealtaine, and so, I encourage you to step into your internal fires in your practice this month. Under this Dark Moon, with all that is being held at this Threshold, find your passion; rediscover your Soul Song that sings when you have claimed your power and pleasure; consider where your flame is, and what it needs to become a roaring balefire this year.

I have uploaded a no-cost Guided Spirit Journey for Bealtaine Eve into the free Insight Timer app, for those who wish to extend their practice (link below). May your journeys be everything you need to prepare for the coming Summer – within & without.



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