Dark Moon Temple

Here we are again; steeped in the energy of Beginning; Manifesting; Rebirth. Spring is where the great Cycle renews itself, and the Dark Moon on April 1st is a potent one because of this. The space Between the last light of the Old and before glimpsing the New – we find ourselves once again on the Threshold.

What will you do with this great opportunity? How often do you shy away from this moment? Does the potential of deep grief that accompanies great joy create a tension you avoid? How many times have you distracted yourself from the opportunity to CREATE within this space of potential?

The time of the Dark Moon in April is one of great manifestation. This energy not only calls us, it DEMANDS we use it with authentic, grounded confidence in our Artist Selves.  And to step fully into this space of manifesting our deepest, most cherished Heart Dreams, we must also face that space was created for it by something ending; burning up; dying. This is where so many of us stop in our tracks, in attempts to avoid the sacred work of grieving that which had to go, in order for there to be space for the New to be born.

Your Soul Self knows this is the balance of everything. Deep within, your Wise Self wants to step into this fully. What I want you to know is that you don’t have to step into this space alone. Your Guides are always waiting to Walk alongside you. I’ve recorded a Guided Spirit Journey to assist you in the work this month. Within your own Traditions and physical location, create a sacred space for the work and Travel into this place of Threshold and Renewal – and discover just what Heart Dreams want to be born this Dark Moon.

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