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Dark Moon Temple, april 11, 2021
With Repetition, we carve the Path smooth and our Souls know the way intuitively….

The Moon Temple is open once again. Welcome back to the Souls that gathered with us last month, and to the new Souls that join us this Dark of the Moon. All are Safe and Welcome within this Sacred Temple.

The Dark Moon Liminal Space ~ every month, we enter here…. (click to read the introduction to the Dark Moon Temple)

The Invitation ~ new, each Dark Moon….

We have moved into the Rebirth time of the year; Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and here we are, beginning once again. New ideas, new seeds to manifest, new growth, new projects, new energy to get thigs done. This Dark Moon in April arrives along with Venus and Mercury, and being in the fiery energy of Aries, everything is ramped up.

Tonight, let us look upon the power of Venus and Mercury. Venus is our love, passion, and relationships planet ~ the Heart energy; Mercury is our logic, curiosity, and communication planet ~ the Mind. We have this opportunity to take a moment and sit with these two energies in our lives – how congruent and connected is your Heart and your Mind?

When we are out of alignment between these two centers, life can feel like deep and constant struggle. Some of us sooth this by picking one and putting all our focus into it, building a life around that one center as being the only valid one. However, doing this means shutting out and rejecting a very vital part of the Self, which then moves into Shadow and becomes part of the unconscious material that creates chaos in our lives.

The idea that one center is better or more valued than the other, is woven into our modern culture. Extreme logical and calculating actions without heart have caused some of the most horrendous harms in human history. Actions out of extreme passion and based purely from emotion without any reasoning or thought, harm and even kill people, every single day. The truth is BOTH are essential to walking forward in a right way; in a whole and healthy way.

Take some time within this liminal gateway to take stock of how you are walking through the world ~ are you in alignment and congruent with your mind and your heart? Do you lean more one way, and if so, how can you cultivate more of the other? Perhaps you will journey to Venus and Mercury tonight and ask them for their guidance.

Honour Your Own Traditions…

Take these questions/invitations and use them in your own tradition this evening during the Dark Moon. Use art making, journaling, spirit journey, mediation, scrying, tarot, or whatever other way you would like to use in reflection. Create a sacred space where you can safely be quiet, internal, and soft. Ask these questions to your Soul; ask them to your Guides and your Gods. Listen for the answers and any wisdom they may have to assist you in the present happenings of your life.

No matter which contemplative tradition you use, I encourage you to write about the experience (and/or make art) afterwards, so to create a lasting record within the physical realm. So much can be lost so quickly when we do not marry the two together.

You are also invited to share any part of your experience that you wish on the closed Facebook group – thoughts, narratives, photos of art, etc. Please keep to the group norms on respectful and mindful comments on others’ posts. Posting is completely voluntary; please do not feel any pressure.

I honour each of you in knowing your Wise Self and I am grateful to sit in virtual Circle with each of you. Each month there will be a new Invitation to take into your personal practice… a way to keep to and honour the natural rhythms of our world, and our lives, that are so often forgotten.

May your journeys be enriching and exactly what you need in this time.
~ Nikki

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