Dark Moon Reflection

Every Dark Moon, I sit in reflection and write an invitation to send out to all the Souls that have connected with me via email – this invitation reaches people across vast time and space over our world, and for a short, liminal time each month, we sit and reflect upon the same ideas… Yet in our own, personal tradition.

This is just one way I participate in the gathering of individual threads that weave the Collective Tapestry of human story.

With this Collective Crisis we are all currently in, I felt moved to share this month’s Dark Moon Reflection with you all… May it assist you as you navigate your own Pathway, and the Collective Pathway we walk together.

As I read through the last few Dark Moon invitations, I marveled at the foreshadowing for this month. January was an invitation to find your Faith, and February was an invitation to create Sanctuary for your Soul…

And then, a world pandemic enters our collective experience and both of those places are incredibly needed, as well as incredibly tested.

These times in the human world story are times of deep grief and sorrowing. The fear of the unknown triggers many old spaces of grief that may not have been properly honoured; fear of great loss and great pain. Our work in this current space is not to repress that fear or that grief – but instead, to invite it to the table. As an honoured guest, offer it warmth, kindness, love, and witnessing. See where that fear comes from, and when you meet the Pain and the Grief that was left dishonoured… Deeply, and Sacredly, take the time to bow and finally honour the holy work that was left undone.

In this way, we heal past wounds and we ground deeply down into the place of Soul; this place where we Connect to our timelessness and our eternalness; this place where we meet our Ancestors and know they too, have faced such immense world story experiences; this place where we find the threads of our Collective Story as human animals within Nature’s Story.

Each of us will have unique experiences of this pandemic. And. We all will have universal experiences of it as well. In the Collective Story, these world upheavals often are a forced initiation – a time of threshold and betwixt and between on a grand scale. Humanity as a whole is about to go through this initiation. We each have a part to play in this passage – I invite you all to take this Dark Moon liminal space, and reflect:

How do you want to be changed when you are through this? How do you want this initiation to affect you, and your world? What can we do as a collective, and as individuals, to use this Rite of Passage for the betterment of the Whole?

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