Alberta Relaunch & Haven

It’s been a long few months, hasn’t it?

As the province begins to open back up and we move into Stage 2 tomorrow, I wanted to reach out and let you all know what Haven’s plans are.

We successfully transitioned to telehealth sessions (video or phone) since the end of March, with the majority of clients finding value in being supported and met in the virtual space. Of course, there is loss that is valid when going from in-person to virtual, and we must feel and welcome that grief. The world as we knew it changed.

While holding that very valid space, I have taken time to reflect upon how Haven will enter the relaunch process. As it stands for Stage 2, the health & safety protocols to have sessions in-person will greatly interfere with the therapeutic environment. We both/all would be be required to be masked during sessions, as social distancing would be difficult at best, impossible at worst; and all materials would need to be sanitized and/or quarantined for 10 -14 days between use. This creates unacceptable barriers to the therapeutic process of art therapy, and so, we will remain using telehealth for sessions until those protocols are no longer needed to keep everyone safe.

There is an option to meet for outdoor art therapy, where we could maintain proper physical distancing and use our natural environment as a therapeutic container and to source art materials (EcoArt). If this is a preferable option for you, please get in touch and we can discuss those details.

I know this pandemic has been difficult for you. It has not left any person untouched.

I encourage you to reach out and find support if you are struggling, and to remind yourself of your resources. You have successfully made it through every day up to this one. You have strengths and resiliency you may not even be aware of. Take care of yourself, and connect with others. We are still all in this together.

Blessings to you,
~ Nikki

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