Moon Temple

An Invitation

Moon Temple was a monthly gathering that I facilitated in 2017-2018, and it is something I dearly miss – Circling with our natural rhythms can keep them fresh and present within our day-to-day reality, where these rhythms are not typically honoured. However, with my current schedule, bringing back the Moon Temple as it was, is just not feasible ~ an so, I got creative.

Like our beautiful Moon, the Temple is transitioning into a new Phase – Free to Everyone, Self Directed and Online. What this looks like for participants is a simple e-mail sign up, where you receive a monthly invitation that includes a general intention for the month.

This intention will be received by each participant differently, and so, the individual inspiration it evokes will be very personal. Holding this intention, you will be encouraged to engage in contemplative practices such as spirit journeying, meditation, art making, and journalling on or close to the Dark of the Moon

There is a short, liminal space between the last light of the Waning Moon, and the New Moon’s first light into Waxing. Some call this the Dark of the Moon, and it can act as a space of betwixt and between ~ a Pause. A perfect place of reflection and contemplation, where we can take stock of events in our lives BEFORE responding to them. The reflections, insights and awareness brought forward from the Moon Temple will weave into the rest of your personal life and your relationships with the outward world.

Participants will be invited to share their experiences in a closed Facebook Group ~ however, this is completely voluntary. As this is a Self-Directed experience, at no cost to anyone, participants are completely and utterly Free to utilize the pieces that resonate with them, and leave the rest.

If you would like to receive this monthly invitation to create space for your health and wellness, when the Moon goes Dark and the liminal space arises ~ sign up today ~ click HERE for our contact page.

Regularly attending to our Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Self is vital for true holistic health to occur. Part of the inspiration for this pathway forward with the Moon Temple comes from an Art Therapist colleague who facilitates heART Fit in Kelowna, BC ~Amy Lorea of Bloom Art Therapy ~where they believe that regular creating is as vital to health as regular exercise and healthy eating; we are more than just our physical Self and we must attend to these parts of ourselves with intention, compassion, and love.

On this Full Moon of the Spring Equinox (a liminal space of its own on the Seasonal Wheel), I felt it was the perfect time to announce the NEW Moon Temple incarnation! The first invitation will go out a few days prior to the next Dark Moon on April 5th. All people of any age are welcome, and as a way to give back to my community, I am offering this at absolutely no cost.

Join us.

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