Walking With Her

~ An Intentional Year of Exploring & Creating Your Path with the Goddess

An asynchronous immersion into the Divine Feminine

I will forever hold that each individual Spirit has their own experience and tradition that develops with the Divine – and it is valid.

Walking with Her is a Pathway for each woman to find and create this relationship with the Lady, while being supported by a practicing Circle. I have Walked with Her for over 25 years. I will share as much of my knowledge and experience as I can, while holding space for Her to speak and Guide you in your own beautiful relationship.

Intention: Within a Guided Framework, you will find and develop your own tradition of Walking with the Goddess. You will receive assistance and support from your Circle and myself, the Circle Guardian, as we all travel through a year-long asynchronous immersion into ritual, magic, study, myths, journey, spell craft, ceremony, and more; together.

Commitment: 9 monthly Circles/Gatherings (online), and 4 asynchronous Intensives (Friday night & Full Day Saturday) within the year.

Total of 13 Gatherings

– Location: Hybrid of online zoom circles, offline spirit journeys via guided recordings, and ceremonial engagements, apart but together, out on the land wherever we are in the world. All times listed are in Mountain Standard Time (MST/MDT) Check your time zone here: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/


*All regular monthly Circles – Saturdays, 3-6 pm MST
* Immersions: – Friday – 5:30-8:30 pm (often completed offline, but together)
– Saturday – 10 am – 3:30 pm

Dates: 2020-2021 year – FULL

2021 -2022 Year dates TBA
Winter solstice, 2021 – Opening Circle

Some Topics that Will be Covered AND Practiced:
– Spiritual Ethics
– Ritual Basics, Setting Sacred Space
– Elements & Elementals
– Ceremony, Intention, and Magic
– Spell Craft, Art Craft
– Celtic Shamanic/Spirit Journey
– Wheel of the Year/Seasonal Festivals
– Goddess Study – Who has called you Forth?
– Myth, stories and lived experience
– Ritual Tools
– Trees and other More-than-Human Persons
– Guides and Allies
– Your Heroine/Hero Journey
– and more…
** This is a working, learning, and practicing Circle, and therefore, each Circle Member is welcome to bring ideas and needs to the Circle for learning and sharing.

** There will be homework between Circles for each member to complete for their own development in tradition and practice. Homework could include researching a tradition that inspires you, and/or a certain Goddess myth that you are drawn to. In addition, to ensure you are not stuck in the theory of your study, homework will include weekly experiential practice of activities that we are learning in Circle, so to develop your skills, comfort levels, and personal spiritual tradition with the Goddess.

** The year immersion will end on a Closing Ceremony that participants will get to create/co-create, so to make it a deep and powerfully personal experience.

This Circle is Sacred, Safe and Free of Judgement. Guided by a professional Art Therapist, Spiritual Seeker, and Practicing Witch for over 25 years, this space will be one of curiosity, exploration, and engagement. Although the intention has been focused for those who are new to the Path or seeking a relationship with the Divine Feminine, the Circle is open to any woman who is called to come – if you already have a relationship with Her, this year-long immersion may function as a pathway to deepen and enrich this Sacred Connection.

If this resonates with your beautiful Spirit, please get in touch! Once we begin, the Circle closes, and no new members will be allowed to join.

$45 USD per 3 hour Circles (9)
$130 USD per Intensive (4)
~ Total: $925 USD

*There are LIMITED spots; the online WWH Circle is limited to only 8 spots to guarantee the capacity to build intimacy and connection between members – Please register early to avoid disappointment!

*A 50% deposit is required to register, with the remaining balance paid over the first 3 Circles.

*Who: Adult Femme (18+), all who identify as women are welcome, all traditions welcome.
English speaking, reading, and writing is required

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