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Note: Closing end of 2022

Have you felt that void within? Do you find yourself looking, seeking, desperately searching to fill it with SOMETHING, so you do not have to feel the tension of being alone inside?

Have you worked with healers, coaches, gurus and engaged in a multitude of self-help modalities, trying to find a way to be happy in your life? Happy with yourself?

Have you found that traditional therapy is incredibly expensive to go deep in, and are challenged by the time and financial commitment necessary? And perhaps you’ve even found that traditional therapy only goes so far, without allowing your Soul to show up in the counselling room?

Then it is no accident that you have arrived here at Soul Haven.

The Soul Haven program is an affordable and accessible pathway to self growth and psychic maturation; towards soul expansion. Focusing upon the Divided Self, the Ignored and Abandoned Self, you will be Guided in finding a Belonging within, so to be capable of true Service & Connection without.

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The Problem

The foundational illness that I have seen time and time again in my practice, is the one of Disconnection. Due to the way our cultures have evolved and unfolded, the human animal has continually moved away from Connection; we no longer know the spirits of the land under our feet, the spirits of the rocks in our driveway, or the spirits of the trees that were used to build our homes. We have run from the pain of knowing that life requires death to continue, shutting ourselves off from inherent truths and the sitting with the subsequent grief, in efforts to avoid pain and ‘feel better’.

We have disconnected from our own emotions, chasing all the ways of distraction and numbing we could find, so to avoid discomfort, fear, and grief. We lost our ceremonies and our rituals that held the frame for Pathways to Connection, which once allowed us to build secure attachments to others, and to our Self.

We then began to look up for our salvation, focusing on ascension to the upper realms for our enlightenment and in attempts to fill our voids. Without the roots of our connection below, it functioned to exasperate the illness and we have become a mass of Souls adrift with no grounding – no home.

Looking at it through an attachment theory lens, the great Disconnect in our cultures has created a world of humans without a secure self attachment. This relationship between the self and the Soul, (or in Jungian terms the Self with a capital ‘S’), informs all other relationships we have.

Due to relational disruptions in childhood and/or relational wounding along our lifepath, many have not come to Connect to the True Self, the Soul Haven within. If we are not in right relationship with our Self, if we have not created a secure attachment to our Self, we then cannot trust that our Self will be the safe haven we need in order to face the pain, grief, and challenges of the world. We will forever look outside ourselves for that haven, which places all power over our wellbeing in other people’s hands and at the mercy of external forces. We then relate to others from a Self filled with desperation, self judgement, and woundedness, rather than a strong, rooted, and authentically secure Self.

Relationships to other humans, to the Spiritual world, and to the Earth around us all suffer when we do not have an internal safe haven; a Soul Haven.

The Soul Haven Solution

Many of us know this, cognitively. There has been a collective conscious shift to engage with the spirits of the other-than-human people over the last while. There are many humans seeking self growth and healing, but are finding it challenging to discover the pathways that are held in authentic, grounded embodiment – rather than those which focus solely upon the Light and cognitive based methods.

Engaging in the regular practices of the Soul Haven program provides you the structure of being guided through experiential praxis, bringing your theoretical knowing into an integrated and embodied state of being in the world. It focuses weaving what you know cognitively into the spiritual realm, to expand and provide growth at the soul-level. Creating and Connecting to your own Soul is the first Connection required to be in right relationship with all outward relations.

Rooting, so you can rise in strength, power, and truth.


The Soul Haven program provides members a guided practice of engaging with their True Self – their Soul – where they begin or continue to strengthen the relationship they have with this space. Filtering through each Soul’s unique spiritual lens, Members are guided into two spirit journeys each month, to discover, explore, create, heal, and attach to their Soul Haven within.

Members meet parts of themselves that have been abandoned and are waiting for attention; parts that have turned into Shadows and are reeking havoc in their efforts to be noticed; Members also find parts of themselves that have messages and wisdom they wish to share; they meet and greet their Guides and connect to Allies and Ancestors whom are also waiting for their right relationship; the Creation and Connection to a Soul Haven is a pathway of Mystery and Unfolding that is unique to each Soul who walks it. We walk together, yet the terrain will be different for each of us.

Members then are invited to the optional, monthly Live Call Circle to share and process their experiences. Here is where we create the Container in which to witness and be witnessed. Where we assist each other in finding the meaning inherent in our experiences, and begin to share the sense of Belonging we are finding within, with the outer community.

The themes that are placed within the Container influence the spirit journeys of the next month. In this way, the Soul Haven program remains responsive to what Members are experiencing, and what the Universe wants us to focus upon.

Affordable & Accessible

With monthly plans starting as low as $38 a month, Soul Haven is a program that provides deep and powerful experiences, while removing barriers for those who find access to support financially difficult. The program is also intentionally designed to allow entry from all over the world (English language required), as the guided journeys are available to members 24 hours a day/7 days a week; therefore, members can custom design their practice to ensure it fits their lives.

The monthly Live Call Circle is recorded for those who cannot attend, and is always optional. We even have a membership level for those who want to try one month of the Soul Haven program and see if it is the pathway for them!

Membership Plan options are outlined below ~ and please know that you can cancel anytime, and/or change your membership plan by just getting in touch.

At Haven, you are always the one in control.

Click on the “Learn More” Buttons for full details on Memberships & a breakdown of each plan!

  • One Month ~ One Time Payment
  • – 2 Guided Spirit Journeys for that month only
  • – Invited to the Live Call Circle with Nikki that month, to process & connect with community
  • /month
  • – 2 Guided Spirit Journeys per month with 24/7 access
  • – Monthly Live Call Circle with Nikki to process journey experiences and influence the direction of the next month
  • – Access to the exclusive Soul Haven community group
  • – Exclusive workbooks and discounts to additional support with Nikki
  • – and more!
  • – Pay Annually & SAVE!
  • /month
  • – 2 Guided Spirit Journeys per month only (no access to the Live Call Circle with Nikki)
  • – Access to the exclusive Soul Haven community group
  • – and more!
  • – Pay Annually & SAVE!

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What You Can Expect

  • So much more than a prescriptive, canned program- Soul Haven is designed to be responsive to members’ experiences
  • A deeper level of holding – Nikki rejects the terms ‘expert’ and ‘specialist’ in anything – she is a continuous student of life and is an equal part of the Container. She holds space in wide, nuanced ways that include:
    • striving to remain open, learning, and responsive
    • feminist, anti-oppressive, and culturally nuanced
    • holistic, spiritually integrated, and aspiring to draw the circle wider
    • client centered, trauma informed, and foundationally relational

Spirituality – what does it mean?

As the Soul Haven program is a spiritual guidance type methodology, it is important that Members understand what Nikki means with this word. Spirituality is distinct from religion, as although many religions contain spirituality, not everyone who is spiritual is part of a religion.

For Nikki’s work, all faith & belief traditions are welcome into her spiritual guidance work. She expects all Members to be respectful of their own beliefs and that of everyone else in the spaces she creates. For a working definition of Spirituality, she posits the following:

“Spirituality is a feeling of Connection to one’s place in the Cosmic Universe, where one’s lived experiences hold meaning and personal truth. It is a direct experience of the Sacred and a Connection to our Soul, the Divine Self within, that exists across all faith and belief systems”.

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