Woman Weaver ~ Dreaming the World Awake

6th Annual Women’s Healing Retreat ~ Now ONLINE

Friday eve, July 17th to Sunday, July 19th, 2020

6th Annual Women’s Healing Retreat – Now ONLINE

Here we are. The 6th year we gather in Sacred Sisterhood, yet in true Betwix and Between. The pandemic has brought us into the Cosmic Cocoon where we disintegrate to nothingness, before we can Emerge into the New Dream, the New Weaving.

We will continue to Circle and come to know who we are within the Tribe of Women; and who we are within the Sacred Circle of Divine Feminine Love. We will weave time spent together in virtual circle with time spent together, but apart, in our personal spaces… creating, journeying, and healing in the Collective space we create.

As we shift the annual retreat online, we have reduced the fees and still have limited scholarships available for those who are in need. Please get in touch to join us!

Woman Weaver ~ Dreaming the World Awake

What are dreams, truly? What meaning do we take from dreaming in today’s world?

Dreams capture us, and enrich us; they frighten us and inform us.

The Dreamtime, the creative matrix, is not a place to get to or go to; rather, it infuses all matter and energy, connecting every creature, every rock, every star, and every ray of light or bit of cosmic dust. It is the Web.

We are inviting you, Weavers, to weave a Web, thus creating a thread between to you and the Power you possess to Dream the World Awake.

I have heard tell that Dreamers for the Tribe were the only ones allowed to sleep with their heads in the East. There, they would catch the dream and bring it into their awareness; they would interpret the message, and share their visions with the rest of the Tribe. The Dreamers hold the sacred knowledge that the very power to dream is an active part of Creating the World around us. We, the Daughters of Spider, know dreaming reality is not only an ability, but our Collective Work.

The Old Woman who lives in the Cave; She whose shadow is of a Great Spider – She who Weaves the Tapestry of Creation- She asks you:

~ What is your Soul Destiny? Why are you here? What purpose does your life have? Why this moment in the Web?

All Weavers know every thread is connected. Every thread is woven to withstand the challenges which befall us, and embrace the inevitable transformations.

We have grown through our Dance with the Elements to Become Awake to Our Collective Role as Weavers of the Web; weaving change and awakening the world to the possibility of new beginnings, new ideas, hope, and resiliency. We are in troubled times and our Magic is being called upon to Weave the inner threads of genius, imagination and wisdom.

We, the Daughters of Spider, are waking with the knowledge of a Sacred Thread connecting the mind with the heart… to the next thread tying us to the dream of life… leading us to the purpose of our Soul. As we weave our web, we awaken The Dreamer inside us, and begin to glimpse the patterns unfolding, weaving our story into the Collective Story. In the work we do together during this year’s retreat, Spider will teach us how to read and weave Her timeless mythic patterns woven from within. We are being called to renew ourselves, cast away the broken strands, and Weave our World Awake.

Are you tired of living in a web you feel you have no mastery of? Are you willing to Awaken the Spider within and work to Weave a New Dream… a new possible future?

We are beyond minor repairs to our woven story; we need to cast our strands to new thoughts, new ways, and build a web so large it awakens the sleeping masses. Dreaming the World Awake can only begin if we first awaken the Dreamer within us. Our web will ignite the imagination and the collective dreamers, spreading the vibrations of change out to every strand.

Crone Woman Spider teaches us how to weave our world with power and grace. Our Ancestors, and the Dream Keepers today, understood and understand, that we’re not only creating our experience of the world…but are dreaming up the very nature of reality itself – that is, this Life is but a Dream.

Dream with us.

Retreat Dates: Friday eve, July 17th to Sunday, July 19th, 2020

Your ALL INCLUSIVE weekend retreat includes:

• Deep, meaningful rituals and ceremonies facilitated by NKM Featherstone of Haven and Kriket of Shamans Way
• Women’s Sacred Circles with Shamanic Journeying
•Transformative Spiritual Artmaking
• Chants/meditation/breath work/drumming circles
• Bonfire, drumming & dancing (in your personal space)
• Personal time for reflection and integrating

Registrations & Pricing:

***Returning Alumni Sisters from past Retreats – Registrations opens March 15th, 2020! Regular Public Registration opens April 1st!

Early Bird Special!!
• (March 15th for Returning Sisters) April 1st – until May 15th:

REDUCED for ONLINE: ONLY $295 for the entire retreat! SAVE $150!!!

REDUCED FOR ONLINE: Regular Rate: May 16th – July 1st, (registration closes) – $445 per person

• There are LIMITED spots available for this retreat, so save yourself money and guarantee your spot by registering EARLY! Last year we SOLD OUT before registration closed, so make sure to get your spot secured! ♥

**please note: payment in installments is absolutely acceptable and we will honour the early bird price if a non-refundable deposit of $150 is put down before May 15th. We are open. We are flexible. Please do not hesitate to talk with us about your needs.

Payments Accepted:
Online: PayPal & E-Transfer (no fee with e-transfer)
In Person: Cash

Registration Contact:
Please contact Nikki at Haven.SpiritualArtTherapy@gmail.com or call 780-678-6223 to register or to ask questions


Woman Weaver 2020 Registration Form

Odds and Ends:
A welcome letter and list of what to bring with you will be emailed to every registrant once registration concludes.

** The main thing to bring is yourself and an eager Spirit for sacred healing.
Be Ready. Be Open. Join Us.

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