Woman Returning ~ Finding the Pathway Home

5th Annual Women’s Healing Retreat:

Friday eve, July 12th to Sunday, July 14th, 2019

Returning. How beautiful a sound that word is. A sigh of the heart, of the Soul.

I am Returning.

For so long we have been suspended, lost, floating and disconnected; unsure of ourselves and our Knowing. Instructed and trained and programmed to doubt our own Power, our own Sight; our own Women’s Wisdom.

Our Crone Wisdom. Each woman carries the Goddess within her, and She speaks to us in Her many, many forms. We have been taught to ignore Her. To doubt Her. To forget Her.

As we’ve walked a woman’s path within a society created against us, we have lost parts of our Divine Soul; some ripped away from us through horrific, traumatic experiences; some willfully rejected and sent away because we were taught they are not ‘good’ or ‘acceptable’ or ‘feminine’. We have become even more lost, suspended, and disconnected from our own beautiful Self. Our Soul.

How heartbreaking and utterly isolating is that song? Each and every woman’s heart knows it when she hears it – this pain, this aloneness, this self-doubt, this gaslighting of being made to feel crazy for knowing what she knows. Women’s stories have become a Roar throughout the world. We have all walked this Path.

Women are Returning back to their ancient Knowing; to their Wise Woman Self, to their own Divine Soul. They are Returning to their Power, walking inward to that Eternal Clearing inside their Wild Wood Forest. They are finding their Pathways, their passageways to the Heart; To the Divine One; To Spirit.

Here we are. The 5th year we gather in Sacred Sisterhood. We Circle and come to know who we are within the Tribe of Women; and who we are within the Sacred Circle of Divine Feminine Love. The Crone speaks. She shares her White Owl Wisdom to see in the darkness, to find Sight when there is little light to be had; to See the Pathways ahead for our footsteps. To Find our way Home.

Join us.

Gather with us in the Tribe of Wise Women; take this opportunity to find your own passageway home to your Heart; to your Soul.

Gather, Connect, and See.


Friday eve, July 12th to Sunday, July 14th, 2019

Your ALL INCLUSIVE weekend retreat includes:

• Deep, meaningful rituals and ceremonies facilitated by NKM Featherstone of Haven and Kriket of Shamans Way
* Transformative Spiritual Artmaking
• Chants/meditation/breath work/drumming circles
• Yoga
• Bonfire, drumming & dancing
• Personal time for reflection and integrating
• All meals, from Friday supper to Sunday lunch, 24hr access to snacks and beverages
• Shared accommodations at the beautiful River Lodge Retreat, overlooking the North Saskatchewan River and located on 55 wooded acres; the property has numerous trails for walking and meditation, and is only 40 minutes West of Edmonton

Registrations & Pricing:

***Returning Alumni Sisters from past Retreats – Registrations opens March 15th, 2019! Regular Public Registration opens April 1st!

Early Bird Special!!
• (March 15th for Returning Sisters) April 1st – until May 15th:

ONLY $495 for the entire retreat! SAVE $150!!!

Regular Rate: May 16th – July 1st, (registration closes) – $645 per person

• There are LIMITED spots available for this retreat, so save yourself money and guarantee your spot by registering EARLY! Last year we SOLD OUT before registration closed, so make sure to get your spot secured! ♥

**please note: payment in installments is absolutely acceptable and we will honour the early bird price if a non-refundable deposit of $150 is put down before April 30th. We are open. We are flexible. Please do not hesitate to talk with us about your needs.

Payments Accepted:
Online: PayPal & E-Transfer (no fee with e-transfer)
In Person: Cash

Registration Contact:
Please contact Nikki at Haven.SpiritualArtTherapy@gmail.com or call 780-678-6223 to register or to ask questions



Odds and Ends:
A welcome letter and list of what to bring with you will be emailed to every registrant once registration concludes.

** The main thing to bring is yourself and an eager Spirit for sacred healing.
Be Ready. Be Open. Join Us.

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