Online Counselling & Art Therapy

Nikki offers Telehealth Psychotherapy Counselling via a secure and PIPA-compliant video platform called Zoom Pro. Phone counselling sessions are also available.

What this means is that you, as a client, can be sure that your personal information is being encrypted and kept secure while it is being transferred via the internet.

Each client is unique – some clients choose to make art in sessions, some choose to make art as homework that arises out of the session; some choose to use writing and journaling as their creative process. Nikki works with each client where they are at, and within the frame of their comfort with the process.

Who Benefits the Most from Telehealth Therapy?

Telehealth Therapy can work for a number of situations, including:

*You are Self-Isolating for health or practicing Social/Physical Distancing
*You live in a small or remote community with no or limited access to in-person therapy
*You work away in a remote area for long periods of time
*You live in an area where art therapy is not offered or access to counselling is difficult
*There are financial barriers for you to travel to another community to access therapy
*Although you live quite a distance away, you feel comfortable with Nikki’s approach to therapy and want to work specifically with her

*In person contact with a therapist feels too emotionally intense
*Leaving your home is currently overwhelming, or you worry that you will have a panic attack when you are out

*You have a physical disability which prevents you from traveling to an appointment or accessing the studio via the stairs
*You would not be physically comfortable in a studio environment
*You have physical needs that could only be met in your own home

*You have limited access to childcare
*You are a caregiver with limited personal time
*Telehealth Therapy is more convenient for your particular schedule
*Telehealth Therapy may be available sooner than in in-person appointment
*Your work situation will not allow the time it would take to have an appointment and commute to and from that appointment


Like in-person therapy, the fees must be paid by the start of each appointment. For Telehealth Therapy clients, these fees can be paid by Interac Etransfer (no fee to use), or Paypal (with a fee), prior to your appointment time.

Telehealth Therapy works best with a strong internet connection. Internet signals that cut in & out will have a negative effect on your therapy experience.

To maximize your Telehealth Therapy session, please ensure that you have access to a quiet, private space with no distractions. Being interrupted by others often interferes with one’s ability to be present and drop into the session,; it also compromises your confidentiality. Avoiding other computer use and turning off any other devices also ensures you get the most out of your session.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for Telehealth Therapy. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, psychosis, mania, are actively self-harming or are engaging in other behaviour that compromises your safety, Nikki is not able to provide Telehealth Therapy. However, she will direct you to in-person therapy alternatives or crisis/distress counselling services.

Getting Started

You will need:

  1. Access to a device with internet, camera, microphone, and speakers – desktop, laptop computer, phone, tablet
  2. A strong internet connection
  3. Access to art materials you would like to use and a private, uninterrupted space for the session

You will be given more direction regarding the free software to download for Telehealth Therapy during the intake/appointment conversation. Contact Nikki today to inquire on space available.

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