At the Crossroads

Annual Women’s Healing Retreat ~ 2-Day, 1 Night

August 13th & 14th, 2022

Our worlds are unsteady.

So much is happening outside of our control…
it is destabilizing; fracturing; triggering wounds and fears and hopelessness.

Pain, heartbreak, and trauma can leave us feeling lost in the darkness; it can feel as if we have parts of ourselves cut off and left in those realms, so that we travel our Path feeling lesser; behaving lesser; sensing pieces missing from a time of shattering – sometimes at our own hand.

We must turn towards the only place we have power, if we have any hope to recover ourselves and have capacity to offer our gifts to the world… To dig deep and find our courage; to step into our bravery and be willing to really look at what archetypes are working with us… and against us.

We find ourselves at the Crossroads.

But we are not alone here.

In this dark and lost space, we can call upon the Grace & Guidance of the Goddess of Light & Shadows.

There has never been a better time to ask Her to walk alongside us as we meet at the Crossroads and take true stock of where we are; where we have been; and where we shall choose to walk forward.

We call upon Hecate.

Hecate. The Goddess of the Three Ways…
Soul Guide to those who Travel the Thresholds

Hecate. Ancient Goddess of Protection & Chaos…
She who is the Blade, born of Starlight & Destruction

Hecate. Queen of the Witches…
Wise One of Magic & Repossession of One’s Own Power

Hecate’s wisdom teaches us to not fear the Dark, but to descend back into the Otherworld to find these lost parts of ourselves – to repossess our power and wholeness, so that we can accept all of ourselves, become accountable to ourselves, and refuse to cut parts of our Soul off to fit into someone else’s glass slippers, rather than face the search for real Belonging and possible rejection that accompanies it.

Our experiences as Women – so varied and unique, yet also universal – create a space where we are all in a stage of recovery… recovering our power through recovering our healing.

Recovering our wisdom of discernment… Recovering our capacity to accept responsibility for what is truly ours and laying down that which is not. Recovering our self-accountability and standing by our true essential goodness, while holding fierce warrior boundaries.

Recovering our Magic.

Hecate guides us, illuminating our way as we move into our Shadows; cutting through delusions and lies we have told ourselves and/or believed from others; unlocking the doors to our cut off pieces; and bringing them back with us into a Recovery of Wholeness.

Power Repossessed.
Authentically Rooted in Reciprocal Relationship
& Ready to move forward with Hecate’s wisdom guiding our footsteps
as Daughters of Light & Shadows.

Her Voice is loud in my head.
Calling, Calling… Calling us all to the Crossroads.
To take moral inventory and be fearless in our pursuits of self-healing & recovery;
In accountability and growth; in connection to the whole; and in justice for us all.

Do you hear Her Call? Will you show up at the Crossroads?

August 13th is Hecate’s Night.

Join us.

Retreat Dates: August 13th & 14th, 2022

Your 2 Day, 1 Night Retreat Includes!

  • Goddess Honouring Ceremonies & Women’s Sacred Sharing Circles
  • Transformational Sacred Artmaking, tapping in from your Intuitive and Divine Self
  • Rich & Meaningful Rituals designed to Guide you through
    deep self exploration, empowerment, and expansion
  • Guided Shamanic/Spiritual Journeys into the Otherworld to face your Shadowed Pieces
  • Earth Connection, Forest Bathing & Walking Barefoot upon the Earth Mother
  • Bonfire, Drumming, & being Held in Community Space
  • Personal time for Reflection and Integrating
  • Sacred Container of Sisterhood ritually held upon 73 acres of private woods & wildland
  • Serene spaces for your Camping setup at the off-grid Retreat Centre (close to Edmonton, Alberta, updates to come!) 

**Possible Add-ons – Updates will come!
– Meal tickets or Artisan Food Truck on site
**Participants are responsible for their meals & all accommodation/camping supplies

**Retreat fees include all art materials, use of the Centre & 73 acres of private nature, camping spaces, and facilitation of your 2-day healing retreat!

**COVID-19 & Health/Safety Protocols will be announced closer to the event

Registrations & Pricing:

***Returning Sisters Alumni – Registration opens April 1st, 2022!
Regular Public Registration opens April 15th!
*all prices +gst

Early Bird Special!!
April 1st – May 15th, pay only $325 for your 2-day retreat! SAVE $100!
Regular Rate: May 16th – July 1st (registration closes) – only $425 per person!

• There are limited spots available for this retreat, so save yourself money and guarantee your spot by registering EARLY! Most years we have SOLD OUT, so make sure to get your spot secured! ♥

Payment Plans: payment in instalments is absolutely welcome, and we will honour the early bird price if the non-refundable deposit of $150 is paid before April 30th.
Please do not hesitate to talk with me about your needs. 

Payments Accepted:
Online: PayPal & E-Transfer (no fee with e-transfer)
In Person: Cash

Registration Contact:
Please contact Nikki at or call 780-678-6223 to register or to ask questions


Click to Download the Pdf

Odds and Ends:
A welcome letter and list of what to bring with you will be emailed to every registrant once registration concludes.

** The main thing to bring is yourself and an eager Spirit for sacred healing.
Be Ready. Be Open. Join Us.

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